Publisher Support

Publisher Support

Q. What size are the browser ad windows?
A. The ad windows are full size browser windows and loads in the background when visitors exit your web page and sre not immediately visable to your visitors loading behind the curent active browser. Only one ad window per session is delivered to each browser.

Q. What size are the pseudo-popup ads?
A. The pseudo-popup ad size will vary from advertiser to advertiser. Some will display a small 250x250 pixel image, while others may choose to display a 460x400. All pseudo-popup ads display a close button to each user or automatically close after 60 seconds.

Q. Can I pop another ad window to surfers from my page in addition to
A. No. The pseudo-layer ad or pop-behind must be the only ad windows served to your visitors.

Q. Can I use my code on more than one web page or site?
A. Yes you may use your display code on as many pages as you like, However, if you are placing code on a different topic, category or domain name web site, then you will be required to set up a new campaign in your account for that specific site.

Q. How is a visitor counted to my statistics by
A. A unique advertising window display is counted and added to your account statistics, then recorded by our ad serving platform. Any advertising displays to the same surfer in a 24 hour period, are not counted towards your statistics. You are paid per unique advertising window display.

Q. Can I use on free hosted sites?
A. Yes.

Q. Are there any restrictions on web sites that can join the Advertising Network?
A. We do not support any website engaged in or promoting any password trading, warez, hacking, incentivised advertising, paid to read, paid to click or any sites engaged in any activity deemed to be illegal, and therefore will not pay for any hits received from those sites. If you are unsure if your website qualifies, then please contact our support department for confirmation.

Q. How can I promote my advertising window?
A. All advertising window displays must come directly from a webpage containing sufficient quality content and information, relevant to the category that your website is subscribed to, and the ads must only be served as a result of the user visiting a web site or web page. We DO NOT allow newsgroup, email, chatroom, instant messaging spamming, circle jerking, hidden software window spawning or any activity which can be considered as intrusive or spam.

Q. What rates will I be paid for displaying's ads?
A. Please see current publisher rates.

Q. Are there any circumstances where my payout 'commission' rate will be changed?
A. Yes, your commission rate will automatically be raised during each month to the next payout level, as the volume of ads you serve increases.

Q. Is there a minimum CTR I must maintain?
A. Yes, your account must maintain a minimum CTR of 0.20% of your account will be closed.

Q. What category do I place my campaign in?
A. You must select the category that best describes the content of your website. If you feel that a new category is required to define the content of your web site, please send email to our support department. If you place a campaign in the wrong category, you will not receive commission for any advertising window displays, and your campaign will be locked by the administrator.

Q. Does log all ad traffic?
A. Our complex security systems log all incoming traffic requests. This detailed information is used to ensure the integrity of the network, and assist our security department pinpoint fraudulent account activity.

Q. How often do I get paid?
A. We pay monthly for all accounts that accumulate over $75.00, £75 or €75. Simply login to your account and request your payment between the 1st and 10th day of each month.

Q. How do I request my commission payment?
A. You must login to your account and request commission payments before the 10th day of each month. Payments are processed on the 28th day of each month, or the next working day. All payments are made in US Dollars, UK Sterling or Euros, depending on your account's currency settings.

Q. How do pay affiliates?
A. pays affiliates by Paypal or Wire Transfer payment. Please note that Wire Transfer payments are subject to a $20 processing fee.

Q. What if my account doesn't accumilate $75.00, 75 or 75 in a one month period?
A. The commission you accumulate carries over to the following pay period.

Q. I can not login to my account?
A. If you find that you do not have access to your account, Please contact our Support Department

Q. What if I have to contact you regarding a question that you haven't answered here?
A. Please contact our Support Department.

If you have any questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions section, or contact us for all support questions.

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